Character sketches from ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’

In Literacy this term we have enjoyed using ‘Goodnight Mister Tom’ as a stimulus for our writing. Below are a couple of our descriptions of the main characters.

William Beech

William Beech is an evacuee from London who has been sent to Little Weirwold, a small village in the countryside. He has been given to a man called Tom Oakley to be looked after. William is a small, thin boy who has sandy-coloured hair and who is dressed in dull, threadbare clothes. His bony elbows and knees jut out angularly.

When he first came to Mister Tom, which is what he calls him, he wore a cardboard label hanging from his coat with his name on. This boy is very polite, although he doesn’t speak very much. Sometimes he is very curious and likes to nosy around. On the first day with Mister Tom, William felt frightened and lonely. A multi-coloured bruise is on his shin, which he got from his mother for being naughty.

William is 8 years old, going on 9. Unfortunately, he has never had a birthday party before in his life. Sometimes he goes out to the graveyard to have a look around. At first, he was a little bit shy with Mister Tom but as soon as he got to know him better, he began to speak. Even though he is a polite little boy, he has not learnt very much at school.

Written by  Holly

Mr Tom

Mister Tom is a healthy, robust man from a small village in the countryside called Little Weirwold. He is a widower and he lives with his dog, Sammy, who keeps him company.

Mr. Oakley is a sturdy, old man who looks strong for his age. One of his main, distinctive features is his mane of white hair around his wrinkled, weathered face, with skin like coarse, scrunched, brown paper inside his frame of thick hair. To William, an evacuee Tom has to look after, he is a towering, fearful giant although he is only of average height. When he speaks, his voice is gruff, just like thunder.

Sadly, Mr. Tom’s wife and son died of scarlatina so he is very lonely and troubled. He is a reserved man, traditional and set in his ways. The memories of his wife and his son make him feel wary. People do not often visit him as he’s serious, almost stern and not a man you would joke with. Despite this, he is kind and caring, though you would not think so if you had just met him as he doesn’t always show it.

Written by Bronte

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