Story settings

We used the images of Paddington Station from ‘Carrie’s War’ to write our story settings.

All along the crowded platform parents and children were miserably crying as they were being parted. Mothers were desperately clinging onto their children, hoping it would all come to an end and that their confused children could safely return home. Porters were pushing their heavy parcels while nurses and guards were hurrying around the busy platform as the train’s ear-blasting whistle blew.

Immediately all the parents were surging towards the train, directing their children to the window seats where they could say their last goodbyes. The guards, dressed in shades of dark green, were furiously whistling and placing the last few children on the cream and brown train before pushing the heart-broken parents away. As the train set off, parents were frantically waving to their children and following the train until it disappeared from view.

Written by Aamirah

All along the endless, dirty station platform people were rushing around and without warning being pushed into the less comfortable 2nd and 3rd class carriages. Crying children were desperately trying to hold on to their mothers. Hurrying porters were loading people’s parcels from a sack-barrow into a separate goods’ carriage.

Meanwhile, mothers surged towards the train trying to catch one last glimpse of their child. Finally, the train guard blew his loud, shiny metal whistle and the train suddenly started pulling out of Paddington station. Before long, the waving mothers blended into the clouds of steam and smoke as the train chugged into the distance.

Written by Euan

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