World Book Day 2013

World Book Day

World Book Day

On the 8th of March 2013 we celebrated world book day by dressing up as a character from our favourite books!

The effort that all the children and the staff put in was amazing! You can see from all the photo’s below just how many children joined in this celebration. We have also been raising money by having a sponsored book read to raise money for school funds to buy audio books for the classrooms. Thank you all very much for your donations.

All the children, from each class, voted for their favourite winning costume. Here are the lucky winners of a £5 book voucher.


World Book Day

Even the staff went to town and fully embraced the fun that World Book Day brings.


World Book Day

Here are some more photos of our wonderful children and all their fabulous costumes! Thank you all for making this day a very special one!

Please click on the following link to visit the World Book Day website

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  1. We really enjoyed the assembly, listening to the budding authors! Well done to all the children and staff – you all looked fantastic!

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