Sports Co-ordinator

Mrs Tyzak

Miss Tyzack our Sports Co-ordinator

 Miss Tyzack works exceptionally hard with all of the children to get them ready and prepared for their individual or group sport. She can often be spotted gathering children together at dinner time to practice their sporting skills, either on our field, on the playground or in our main hall for the indoor events! 

She always promotes working together as a team and encourages fair play at all times.

Organising the children, participating in events, keeping the children focused and above all happy, is what Miss Tyzack does best!

Some interesting facts

Did you know that Miss Tyzack…

  • … was once an amazing gymnast?!
  • … held the title of Rotherham’s Young Person of the Year after being forced to retire from gymnastics at the age of 14?. Miss Tyzack has dedicated her life to helping other youngsters enjoy and excel at sport.
  • … is from a very sporty family? Not only was her mum once a gym teacher, her grandmother was too! 
  • … was in the local papers for her dedication to her work? Have a look at the photo’s below!

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