Year 4 Viking Day!

On Wednesday the 27th of March our year 4’s, as part of our topic, had the chance to go back in time to the Viking era.
The children had an amazing time with lots of different activities for all the children to explore throughout the day.
Please take a look at the following photos and footage to really get a feel of just what the children experienced.

Cooking Time!

Viking Broth was what was on the menu during our Viking day, lots of vegetables and wonderful smells. Learning how to handle sharp implements and create their very own Viking Broth!

Drama Time!

Next it was time for a little action! reading from a play-script and really getting into their character roles. All the clothes and props were made by the children for this special Viking day, take a look at their craftsmanship…
Here is just one an example of our exciting Viking play that the children enacted…

Brooch Making Time!

Messy time! Our children designed their very own Viking Brooch from clay looking carefully at how, in the viking era, the designs were very different from the modern day. We used toothpicks, straws and matchsticks to mark the clay and make the intricate designs.

Challenge Time!

Everybody loves a challenge especially our Y4’s. Promoting teamwork and puzzle solving skills the children were asked to work together in teams to get from one area of the hall (river bank) to the other (river bank) They had to think on their feet as they couldn’t drop anything in the river and all the children needed to get across safely so that they could build at the other side!
 If this wasn’t challenging enough it was time for our Viking arm wrestling! Take a look at the photo’s see how they got on!

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