The Deep

The Deep(Click on the logo above to visit their website)

On Friday the 19th of April our Year 4’s, as part of their topic of habitats, had the chance to visit The Deep, in Hull. The children explored how the marine creatures lived, what environment each creature needed in order for it to survive, thrive and grow. They learnt how different species required completely different conditions to others.

Putting food chains in order and getting up close to some of the most amazing creatures in our seas, made this education visit one our children will never forget. Here are some of our photos and video footage of the experience.

The video below features an interactive globe that shows us just what our world would look like if all the water just disappeared!

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  1. i liked the deep, but i think castletons better isabella
    have you seen me by my self with snail

  2. Ellie was it better than going to castleton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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