Rotherham Hospice Enterprise Challenge

Enterprise Education at Herringthorpe

Over many years the creative curriculum at Herringthorpe Junior School has been adapted and refined to ensure that we build those skills in our children that help them to become enterprising learners with high aspirations and high achievement. This shift from a content heavy curriculum to a skills based one, has ensured that our pupils have the opportunity to develop skills for life-long learning and which they can apply to many different contexts.

Not only does enterprise education raise aspirations and is a source of educational enrichment, it also empowers our pupils. Our holistic approach enables children to have the capability and experience to engage with their local community and to understand their place in the world.  We aim to develop partnerships that give them the knowledge and understanding of the possibilities open to them in the future.  Enterprise education enhances our teaching and learning; we aim to plan lessons that engage, motivate and inspire pupils to learn new skills; fostering initiative, creativity, problem solving, teamwork and leadership. Our learning environment showcases the thirteen skills of enterprise, with a direct focus on cultivating ambition, working together and achieving excellence.

This year the 12 Enterprise champions have entered into the Hospice challenge, they are working in teams of four to create a company and each have £50.00 to start their business venture. Here are our three teams at the start of their Journey

The Cracking Christmas Curry Crew

Financial Literacy

Funky Nails

Financial Literacy

Lets go Sport

Financial Literacy

The Children have until January to complete the challenge and make a profit, our three events will include parents, staff and all the pupils. We will keep you updated on our progress and hopefully we will have a winning team.

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