Y3W/B Veni Vidi Vici

For our first P4C session, our stimulus was a short clip.

Take a look.

The questions we came up with were:

Y3W – Is it better to cheat and win or not cheat and lose?

Y3B – Is it better to be strong or clever?

What do you think?

15 responses to “Y3W/B Veni Vidi Vici

  1. I think it is positive and brilliant to be strong AND clever because you need to be clever in learning. If you made a mistake in maths like this:
    1+1=11,really, that is WRONG because it equals 2. You have to be strong because if you are very weak, that means you are not very healthy.

  2. because if you do cheat and win then they ask you to do it again and you can’t do it they will know you cheated.

  3. I think i’d rather not cheat and lose because even if you do cheat you might not win.

  4. I think that it would be better to be clever because when people aren’t clever they won’t be able to work when their older

  5. Some good thinking children – is it a good thing to let children win at games? Mrs Fearnley x

  6. I know it is bad to cheat but I think sometimes people cheat to win. If people cheat then they are only cheating themselves and will not know how good they actually are.

  7. Did you know you can cheat to lose as well as win? For example you might let a little child win a game to make them happy.

  8. I think it is better to be strong by always trying your best. I don’t think the young man was being clever, I think he was cheating.

  9. I know its better not to cheat and to try as hard as you can. If you don’t win at least you tried your best, don’t forget you can be disqualified.

  10. it is better to win without cheating because it is fair on everybody and it proves how good you really are.

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