Y5G Philosophy

For our latest P4C enquiry, we looked at this stimulus – How to Live Forever.


The children chose the question for discussion – Should anyone be able to live forever?

Here are some of our final thoughts, following the discussion. Leave a comment if you have a thought that you would like to add …

5 responses to “Y5G Philosophy

  1. In my opinion I think we should not live forever because all the vikings and Romans will still be hear and it will be chaos. thank you Mrs Graham for letting us do p4c . My favorite lesson was when we learned about how to live for ever.

  2. In my opinion I think that everyone should live but not forever.
    Also thank you Mrs Graham for doing p4c with us on Friday’s.

  3. I really enjoyed this session and I think it is good because you can express your Ideas THANK YOU!

  4. I wish we can do another video on Friday and can I be in it this time I don’t want to hold ted I will hold ted but I’m not talking if its an easy one I might talk maybe or maybe not

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