Y3W/B – Friends

This week, our P4C stimulus was a story called Friends. 

The questions we came up with are below.

Y3W – Can enemies be friends?

Y3B –  Can things that are different be friends? 

What do you think? 


21 responses to “Y3W/B – Friends

  1. I think that other living things can be friends with a different thing because If we just have the same friend as everyone else, life would be boring with extreme….

  2. enemy’s could be friends depending on the situation and the reason why they became your enemy I have a dog that was friends with our chickens and rabbit

  3. The cat was very caring and thoughtful. I hope that I could be a friend like that.

  4. Tanya Aftab
    I think that the cat can be friends with the fish because if they get on with each other there should be no problems.

  5. I think this book was really friendly because the Cat took the fish to see the other fish and then he wasn’t lonely in his cuboid bowl

  6. I think that even though the cat and fish are different they can be friends because the things that make us different make us interesting as friends.

  7. Most enemies can’t be friends. I haven’t got any enemies but there are people I don’t like sometimes and they are still my friend. An enemy is someone you really hate. Horrid Henry and Moody Margaret are enemies but join together in the film to save the school.

  8. It might be hard sometimes for enemies to be friends, but it is possible if they both work hard.

  9. Good ideas, remember to try and give reasons for your opinions. So why do you agree Isa?

    • Yes they can sometimes, but cats and dogs don’t always like each other, same as cats and birds

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