Y3W/B Croc and Bird

This week our P4C stimulus was a story called Croc and Bird.

We came up with lots of different questions but these are the ones that were voted for.

Y3W – Why were the croc and bird friends when in real life the croc would eat the bird? Then the question changed to…. Do stories lie?

Y3B – Can members of the same species be different?

What do you think?


39 responses to “Y3W/B Croc and Bird

  1. Fiction books are good because they let you use your imagination.
    so the croc and the bird were friends because it is a fiction book and the story is made up.

  2. I agree with kalleem’s because crocodiles can’t fly and can’t climb up trees and birds can’t swim and eat big animals

  3. I agree with connies because when she said that different animals can call each other brother/sister

  4. I think storys can lie because only fiction books need to tell the true if a story lies it does not mater cos none looks in storys to find facts that is why coc and bird lied.

  5. they were friends because they were born together and thought they were family fiction books can tell lies to entertain us and stretch our imagination.

  6. Yes I do think that animals from the same species can be different because me and my brother are from the same species but we are different and like different stuff.

  7. Tanya Aftab;
    I still think that animals can be friends when they grow up, because they are like human beings

  8. In real life crocodiles and birds are split up because birds are high and crocodiles are low.

  9. yes members of the same species can be different because they have their own personality

  10. Members of different species can not be the same to look at, but they could be the same in other ways, like if they enjoy doing the same things and have the same opinions about things.

  11. I think they can because if a dog was born with a cat they would not attack each other but if they were not the dog would attack the cat.

  12. Sometimes when animals are young they can be friends even when they should not be. It is when they get older that their animal instincts take over and they will eat each other.

  13. Books do lie. You have books that are fact and books that are fiction. It is okay for books to lie because they are entertaining you and if books just have real life in them you might not enjoy them as much.

  14. yes they can because if a animal is adopted by a different specie that makes them a family.

  15. yes they can because if they get adopted by a different specie that makes them a family.

  16. I think different species can be brothers when they are born together.
    my mum claire thinks thats right if a diffrent animals is born with a nother they will be brother or if they found there selfes in a Jungle they will recognise there not brothers if they never liked the Jungle it will be back to normal.
    is born with a nother they

  17. So actually I do agree with Zahra Kazmi but then I think that no they wouldn’t fight and eat each other or then I thought that maybe they would so yes there is different answers for Y3B’s question so like I put before that some of the different animals can call eachother brother/sister I don’t actually fully agree with Zahra
    Connie Watson

  18. When the bird and crocodile end up together, they keep calling each other brother but then they get seperate and miss each other. My question is: Will they still be friends when they are older? But what if the crocodile gobbles up the bird? Basicly, it could have happened.

  19. Sometimes when people are best friends they say hey and like go to there house once a week it means they that they the bestest friends ever.

  20. i think that members of the same species can be different because they have the same colour of their skin and they can be the same of the

  21. Yes I did like P4C today because it was good. We talked about friendship and decided that we need to be kind and make other people feel happy.

  22. I think it is great because other animals are the same
    because if one has a long tail and the other has a long tail and they
    both kill the same animal and they eat it they might be brothers or not.

  23. I think about the question that it could be true that the crocodile can the member but it does the different things as a bird and the bird does the different things as a crocadile

  24. i think that even though the crocodile and the bird thought that they were brothers,they found out that they wasn’t. in

    • I think that yes members from the different animal kingdom can be different or the same because there is a fable a story about a lion and a mouse and the lion was rescued by a mouse so yes they can be different or the same!

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