Herringthorpe Radio Broadcast Y5 & Y6

On Monday 2nd of December 2013 we welcomed Reach LIVE into our school for four fun-filled exciting days.

Reach Live are a company that delivers exciting radio workshops, based around key topics and themes.

Our children had the chance to experience the world of radio within a simulated environment. All the latest technology was used and the children explored all the different equipment, this involved lots of ‘hands on learning’. 

Children were selected from Y5 & Y6 to take part in this wonderful event. The aim of all their hard work was for them to be able to plan, edit and produce their very own live broadcast. As you can see, from the video footage and photos this took lots of planning, thought, and preparation. From their own individual and joint planning came many fresh and innovative ideas which have been incorporated into their own unique show!. 

Please watch the video below of their very own radio broadcast in the making…

*If you didn’t get the chance to tune into our live broadcast on the 2nd of December, then don’t worry, click the links below to hear the full recording of our actual live show… 

Year 5

Year 6

6 responses to “Herringthorpe Radio Broadcast Y5 & Y6

  1. Well done Y5 & Y6 I am very proud of you all! I know how difficult it was talking on the radio in front of the microphone! You all worked really hard to bring to us, a wonderful jam packed show full of exciting news and events! You all were amazing! :o) x

    • If I didn’t know who made this video my first thought would have been mrs Roberts and I agree they did really well with that!

      • Thank you Ruby, they were fantastic, it looks really easy but it takes a lot of courage to stand in front of the microphone! I was a bag of nerves when it was my turn for the quiz! hehehe 🙂

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