Not a stick

Our session this week used a short picture book as the stimulus. The questions we came up with were,

Y3W – Is imagination important?
Y3B – Is magic the same as imagination?

What is more important, knowledge or imagination?

What do you think?




18 responses to “Not a stick

  1. I dont think magic is the same as imagination and i think knowledge is more important because you need knowledge in life.

  2. i think at times imagination can be very important because you need it for lots of things like to play games, make stories and draw pictures, with out imagination things wouldnt be so fun.

  3. I think knowledge is important because you know lots of information that will help you at school to do good work and answer questions right. Knowledge even helps you when you are older to be able to get you a good job.

  4. No magic is not the same as imagination because I saw on tv a magic show what had table with a hole in it and the magic man wich had a hat with a rabbit in and made it look like it had dissapeared but really it went through the hole. Imagination is something what you think.

  5. No it’s not the same because u can imagine anything its like a dream but magic can really happen or can just be a trick.

  6. Amirah Hussain:
    I don’t think magic and imagination are same. magic is a performance and imagination is in your mind.

  7. I agree with zahra and connie because magic isn’t real and magic isn’t the same as your imagination but you can dream of magic in your imagination

    • Iv’e also got another thought. Sometimes, magic is just a trick and for example:a bunny in a black hat with a black circle or oval and it’s not real

  8. Imagination is important when we need to design and create for example games! If we didn’t have imagination we would not think of any other possible ways to do the task! Both are important as knowledge we learn how and why things happen and using imagination helps us think of exciting new ways we can do things.

  9. Magic is not the same as imagination because with magic your mind believes what your eyes can see and imagination can be anything you want for example when you was a child you may have played as a fireman which is you using your imagination then when you got older you became a fire fighter. So your what you imagined when you was younger, it became reality.

  10. I think imagination is important because without imagination you can’t create anything. I think my imagination helped us create the sensory garden. Knowledge and imagination are both important. We think it depends on your personality. I think imagination is most important to me because I like art and music and writing stories. People like doctors need a lot more knowledge than imagination.

  11. Hi, i agree with connie because she is right about magic and imaginations, they are all different.

  12. Well, i disagree about the question what Y3B planned because sometimes magic isn’t real but sometimes imagination may become true and come to life if it’s a living creature or plant.

  13. Hi, well I think that magic and imaginations are different,
    because at magic shows they put the rabbit into the top hat and they get it from under the table because they cut out a hole in the table!

    • and because the rabbit dosen’t want to go in the hat the magician forces it to go in and cuts the hole in the table:)

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