Day and Night Y3/4C

This week during our P4C enquiry, the children explored ‘Day and Night’ as a stimulus. The short animation focuses on two characters Day and Night. Both of these characters are extremely different and are viewed as enemies. However, the characters begin to find common ground and start to accept each other’s differences.

The following enquiry question was chosen by the children:
Can enemies ever become friends?

What do you think? Have your opinions changed? Post your thoughts below.

day and night

32 responses to “Day and Night Y3/4C

  1. I do think that enemies can be friends, if they try to get to know each other they may find they have a lot in common.

  2. I agree with Cole Weston because people do have different likes and different dislikes. E.g I like cheese but I do not like mushrooms.Yuck!!

  3. I think you could not be friends with enemies because they could upset you and hurt you.

  4. Yes because if enemies can be friends then you can make them a better person if you are a good person.

  5. I think enemies can become friends because if you are friends with an enemy you can see the differences between each other. Then you can start to accept the differences.

  6. I think you can be friends with a enemies because if you spend lots of time with them then you could change them completely and you will feel good your self for doing a good thing

  7. i think you should be friends with enemies because you could change the by teaching them to be nice

  8. i think you should not be friends with enemy because they might hurt your feelings and it might go on for quite a while.

  9. I think you should not be friends with a enemy because if you was younger than them they could bully you.

  10. I think you can be friends with an enemy because you can make friends the next day and forget what has happened.

  11. I think people can make friends even if they are enemies because everybody needs friends to help them even if they can be mean. You can still make a difference in someones life.

  12. This film shows that both characters judge each other and dont actually get to know each other and they realize how caring and how kind they are on the inside. Later on in the film they do get to know each other and realize how much they have in common and they become the greatest of friends.

  13. Yes I think that you could be friends depending how bad it is for what they did that hurt your feelings because it can sometimes be serious but sometimes people become enemies for small things.

    • Islam I think you have given this a lot of thought, sometimes when we argue we can’t even remember what started it, so it couldn’t have been that important in the beginning! Other arguments could be solved very quickly by saying sorry and forgiving and just counting to ten before we say something we will regret. Well done all you are incredible philosophers!

    • I agree with you Cole because nobody is all the same. We are all different and can still get along.

  14. some people have enemies because they don’t get to know the other person and sometimes when they find out a bit more about them they become friends.we are all different and there will always be people that dont get along with each other and be enemies.

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