This week during our P4C enquiry, the children explored ‘Dangle’ as a stimulus.

The following enquiry question was chosen by the children:

Should you do something if you don’t know what it does? Y3W

Should you mess with something that is not yours? Y3B

What do you think? Have your opinions changed? Post your thoughts below.


4 responses to “Dangle

  1. In answer to the question “should you do something if you don’t know what it does” Elizabeth thought, “no, because it might set bombs off”; however, I thought that you should, as how are you going to know what it does if you don’t do it? I do things like that all the time.

  2. You shouldn’t mess with stuff that are not yours’ because they may end up broken…..

  3. you should not mess with things that are not yours because it could be breakable and it could also be dangerous, then who,s ever it is might get upset.

  4. We thought the question didn’t make sense so we changed it to: should you touch something if you don’t know what it does. We think no you shouldn’t touch something unless you know what it does because it could be dangerous. It is best to try and find out what it does first.

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