Coburn and Luke’s Praise Pod

Coburn and Luke were nominated by Mrs Greenwood and myself (Mrs Roberts) for their amazing improvement in their handwriting.

The constant effort and hard work that they have put into their individual writing is fantastic and they both deserve to be sat on our Praise Pod chair this week!

Well done boys, keep it up we are all very proud of you!


3 responses to “Coburn and Luke’s Praise Pod

  1. Coburn – it’s fantastic to see you at Praise Pod – well done I am very proud of you.
    Love Mrs Fearnley x

  2. Well done Luke – I am very proud of you! It has been my target for you to improve your handwriting, so I am especially proud that you have risen to the challenge, good lad keep it up!
    Love Mrs Fearnley x

  3. Luke rang me up at work and said he been pick for praise pod,Luke has worked really hard with his hand writing and we are so proud of him Luke keep the hard work up

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