Anansi Animations Y4G

Here are some examples of our Animations, these have been done by the children using the program I can Animate and I Movie. We are particularly proud of our achievements as this is the first time we have used these programs independently. We feel that we have been very creative in designing and planning our stories. On reflection we feel we need to be more careful about the angle we have been filming in as there are some places where you can see our hands or the table. When adding our voice over we feel that we needed to take more photographs this will enable us to speak more slowly and clearly to allow the viewer to enjoy our stories.

We really hope you enjoy watching!

Anansi and Spotlight Turtle written and Animated by

Alliah, Grace, Poppy and Aiza. 

Anansi and the wondrous Turtle written and Animated by

Aiyza, Trinity and Eve.  

Annoying Anansi and the Knowledgeable Turtle written and Animated by

Elizabeth, Lola and Ellie.

Curious Crocodile and Evil Anansi

written by Kirk, Hamza and Haris 

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