Little Weirwold

In Mrs Adams’ literacy group we have been focussing on including carefully chosen descriptive language in our writing. We are studying the book ‘Goodnight Mr Tom’. For this writing task we had to describe the village that William Beech was evacuated to,Little Weirwold. Below are some extracts from our writing showcasing excellent descriptive phrases.

‘Near the church is a quiet shop with emptying shelves. Wives visiting the shop post caring letters to their dear ones.’ Ali

‘The chiming bronze bells are calling people to the historical stone built church, surrounded by a colourless grave yard.’ Mujtaba

‘When we went on the train it nearly burst my ears because of the thunderous noise of the train engine. The train threw blue grey clouds of steam out of the funnel as it set off.’ Oliver

‘Along the bumpy, dusty roads of Little Weirwold can be heard a ringing noise, bells greeting people. They come from the church, an old place with statues like angels.’ Leoni

‘I have finally reached the picturesque village of Little Weirwold. It is so different to Rotherham! … I live near a stone built church which has brightly coloured stain glass windows that each tell the story of Jesus …’ Ayesha

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