Languages Club – Quel temps fait-il?

This week in Languages Club we’ve been singing, dressing up and filming, all to help our school to get talking about the weather in French! Let us know what you think of our finished music video …

Did you spot the different seasons in each verse?

8 responses to “Languages Club – Quel temps fait-il?

  1. Thank you for all of your lovely comments children, I am so glad you enjoyed our film! It was lots of fun to make, next time we will have to make a whole class one!

  2. Mrs graham you did well in that one session it looks brilliant I wish I could come and join.
    From rosie

  3. I love this video, it is really funny! Also, I can’t believe you learned the words in 1 session! It was amazing, I wish I joined, it looked great fun

  4. I loved languages club and my 2 best was summer and winter because the summer I loved the glass I had on and Faiza. I also like the winter because of the fire we tryed to do.

  5. Thank you for doing languages club with us Mrs Graham and Miss Cooper, I loved making this music video

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