Ring a Bell Read!

The phrase ‘I can hear ringing in my ears’ has never been so true today at Herringthorpe Juniors!

As part of our celebration for World Book Day the children brought their own book into school to read. 

When they heard our school bell ringing, everybody had to stop what they were doing, pick up their book, and read for 5 minutes, promoting and encouraging the children to read more often.

World Book Day is about attracting the children’s attention and highlighting just how much fun reading can be, encouraging them to explore the pleasures of reading. Did you know that just 10 minutes of reading a day can make a dramatic difference on children’s educational development? So why not make some extra special time to spend with just yourself and a book? I guarantee it will not be time wasted!

Take a look at our photo’s of the children in their classrooms totally engrossed in their books!

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