Jacob’s Praise Pod

Jacob’s face was a picture today when he realised he was going to appear on our Praise Pod chair, his face lit up and he was very excited to sit on the special yellow and red chair!

Jacob was nominated today by Mrs Higgins for helping at our school disco. She said he had been very mature (grown up), helpful and polite at all times!

‘Enthusiastic’ is a word that Jacob knows all about and that is certainly what he is! Jacob had such a confident manner in front of the camera! I was very impressed with him! If I’m not careful he will be after my job of Praise Pod interviewer! 🙂

I, Mrs Roberts, would like to give Jacob another special mention for his very kind words during the video. He has shown a wonderful attitude towards his friends and delights in their achievements too! What a lovely attitude to hold Jacob, I am very proud of you and I know the rest of the school will be too!

Well done Jacob!

Watch his video below!

5 responses to “Jacob’s Praise Pod

  1. Jacob – I’m so proud of you for and what wonderful things everyone is saying about you. This means you are an amazing learner and a very lovely boy!
    Well don!
    Love Mrs Fearnley x

  2. I’ll be running out of super things to say about you soon! You know I am always proud of you everyday, as you always try your best, but I am extra extra proud of your praise pod Jacob. This includes all your family too! Well done, and keep up all your amazing work.

  3. Well Jacob, it is becoming my Friday evening ritual to watch a video of you on our amazing website! You are definitely a natural in front of the camera! Mrs Roberts is right, I am so so proud of you, as I am every day! What wonderful qualities you have and you certainly are enthusiastic about everything!!! Keep up the great work Jacob and thank you very much to Mrs Roberts for everything she does!!!

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