Links with Gurvansaikhan a school in Mongolia

In year 4 the children have been sending penpal letters to pupils in Mongolia to learn about their school, community and family. The children are really enjoying the project and are really excited to receive their second reply. We really hope you enjoy reading them too.

Below are a list of questions we asked the pupils of Gurvansaikhan school, here are their replies.

 Answer for Questions of Herringthorpe School

Do you get money to spend at school?

Government give money to our school. We don’t give money to school and school doesn’t get money from students.

How many pupils are in your school and how many year groups are there?

Our school has 293 pupils (junior- 3 grades, primary-5 grades).

How many lessons do you have in a day?

6-7 lesson in a day. Each lesson taught 40min for students.

What musical instruments do you play?

We play dulcimer, harp and instrument with a carved horse head on top.

Do you have handwriting lessons?

Yes, we handwrite the all lessons on notebook.

Do you win awards for your school?

Our class students won award from following champions: Tergel took second place of 100m running and Naranzul took first place of 400m running, Uugantsetseg took second place of jump.

Class’s students were out vie first and third place from Callisthenics champion and first place of festival of book.

What kind of animals do you find in your local area?

Livestock: Here in sheep, goat, cow, horse and camel.

Do you have homework?

Yes, we do homeworks of all lessons for 1 day taught.

Do you go on trips outside of your school?

We are traveling just in Gurvansaikhan soum.

What are you learning about at the moment?

Now we are learning 14 lessons. Here in:

Mongolian Language, English, Biology, History, Gegraphical, Healthy, PS, Music, Technology, Drawing, Secular education, Mathematics, Literature.

Why do you sleep at school as your pictures show dormitories?

We don’t sleep at school.

What do you like about school?

Physical room and music room.

Would you like to learn the English language? Can you speak English?

We really like to learn the English. This year we are learning English first time. Yes, we can speak English, but little bit.

What is your Head Teacher called?  

Our school’s headteacher name is J. Tsetsegdelger. We called Tsetsegee (it name mean is flower).

What can you choose to do in free time?

In free time we play basketball and Volleyball.

How many people share a bedroom?

All members of 1 family share a 1 bedroom.

What is the weather like in Mongolia?

Here weather is very nice, because spring is coming. Average Temperature is +4 to +7 day, -2 to -6 night, windy from west 5 to 10m/c.

What is your favourite lesson?

Our class students’ favourite lessons are Mathematic, Mongolia language and English also PS.

What sports do you do?

Basketball, Volleyball.

Do you go home at the weekends?

5   Students of class live in school dormitory. They go to home at the weekends.



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