Shapes in our own Environment with Y4G

This week, in numeracy, Y4G has been learning about 2D and 3D shapes, identifying their individual properties and making their very own 3D shapes!

Children were also set the challenge of photographing a range of objects that represent a 2D or 3D shape in their own environment.

Using the class iPad’s the children were able to take photos of a wide range of interesting shapes and name all off their properties!

We had great fun learning the properties of shape, one child even commented saying ” We live in a world of shapes, they are everywhere!”

Have a look at our photos…

How many different shapes can you see?

Can you see any parallel lines?

Any perpendicular lines?

How many vertices can you see in the shapes?

Can you record as many objects around your house that have a particular shape?

Open your food cupboard, you might be surprised to see how many shapes are hiding in there…






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  1. I enjoyed taking the photographs but unfortunately I couldn’t be here to build the little structures. 🙁

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