P4C in Year 3!!

Yesterday, Y3B and the Year 3 children in Y3/4C took part in a P4C enquiry based on the video below. The children came up with some fabulous and thought provoking questions about the video! The children chose the following questions to discuss:
Y3B: Do people deserve good things if they work hard?
Y3/4C: Are some things worth fighting for?

What do you think? Watch the video by clicking on the link below.



One response to “P4C in Year 3!!

  1. Well I am not really that sure but I think if you have a good job and you work hard then you do deserve things.But for example if you are TV presenter and all you do is just talk and prance around then I think no you don’t deserve what you get.Also in the video it showed us about sadness an I thought it was a bit sad because the horrible maggot or the bug didn’t deserve that apple.

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