Year 4 Visit the Dentist

Linking to our topic, Growing up, Year 4 took a trip to the dentist today to find out about how to look after their teeth.

The children were shown around the dentist and were able to have a look at the dentist’s room and all the equipment that can sometimes be used. They also had a little challenge to group different types of food and drinks into two different categories, good for their teeth, or bad for their teeth. There were quite a few surprises as the children made their choices, such as, even though an apple is really good for your diet and your body, eating too many can cause damage to your teeth as there is sugar contained in fruit. Sugar is quite an enemy to your teeth!

Brushing your teeth twice a day, drinking water after sugary foods and making sure we brush our teeth for at least two minutes were just some of the valuable information the children learnt from today.

Leaving the dentist, with a free toothbrush left all our children with big, bright smiles on their faces!

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