Tour De France Day 3

Again another amazing day at the Herringthorpe Tour De France, all the children were keen to complete a higher distance today pedaling as fast as they could. Here is an update of the current positions and winners from yesterdays race –

Year 3 – 45 miles

Year 4 – 72 miles

Year 5 – 72 miles

Year 6 – 49 miles

Giving us a total of 238 miles day 3!

Here are the leaders of the race –

Mr Holden Year 4 The winners day 3

Year 3 Winners – Charlie McVann and Mr Williams

Year 4 Winners – Amelia Connelly and Mr Holden

Year 5 Winners – Jordan McVann and Mr Morton

Year 6 Winners – Charlie Warhurst and Mrs Fearnley

Mrs Fearnley Y6 Winner

Here are more photographs from Day 3

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