Herringthorpe Tour De France

After a wonderful week celebrating the Tour De France, I would like to inform you of all the winners and final positions, including how far around the route the children managed to get too. I would like to personally thank Patrick and Mike from B. Healthy – B. Braun, Natalie Whelan from Sustrans and the amazing staff and Parents from Herringthorpe who have supported the event from beginning to end.

After 5 days of Pedaling the children managed to complete a total of 1278 miles over half of the Tour De France route –

In first place –

1st Year 4 – 357

2nd Place – Year 5 – 320

3rd Place – Year 6 – 313

and finally Year 3 pedaling 288 Miles.

Here is a photograph highlighting how far the children have traveled around the route –

Route Completed

The children who have completed the most miles over the week are –

In Year 3 – Mr Williams and Charlie Mcvann

In year 4 – Analyse’s Grandad and Abigail Kerr

In Year 5 – Mr Morton and Jordan McVann

Year 6 – Mrs Mawe and Amaan Arif




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  1. I know I enjoyed riding on the bikes and I’m sure everyone else has as well and well done

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