Y4G Visits Clifton

On Tuesday the 17th of June Y4G went on a visit to Clifton Comprehensive to find out about the routines and the variety of lessons on offer. Preparing them for their eventual move to Comprehensive school after Year 6. I would like to personally thank Mr Gibson, Deputy Headteacher at Clifton Comprehensive school and his staff for being so welcoming and giving the children a wonderful learning experience.

This was linked to our Growing up topic, where the children have looked at their journey so far and where they will be going next. The children had a wonderful experience, starting with a tour of the school. Looking at the layout and organisation of the school day, the children were able to go and look in classrooms to see the learning that was taking place.

After a wonderful tour the children visited the oasis, where they were able to ask questions about the lunch time routine and find out about the dinner cards. Looking at how children pay for school meals and the choices that were available for school lunch.

Following up a fantastic morning the children were able to experience a science lesson wearing goggles, using Newton Meters finding the weight of various objects giving them the opportunity to become real scientists for the day!



Here is a slideshow to showcase our learning experience. 

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