Year 3 – This moose belongs to me!

We looked at a wonderful book in P4C today and the beach made a perfect setting to relax and discuss openly our thoughts towards it. The question we chose is listed below but because we have been really working on our philosophical questioning skills, we actually thought of many brilliant questions. Could you please leave us a comment to read and discuss in class?

Does everyone have something that belongs to them?

Why do people break the rules?

Do people always get what they want?

Are rules good for us?

Do you always have to follow the rules?














4 responses to “Year 3 – This moose belongs to me!

  1. No, I don’t think some people get what they want because their parent (or themselves) might not be able to afford it or might have not got enough money to get it. Yes, everyone has something that belongs to them and that is life.We should get our own belongings because if we did not have anything we needed (or wanted like healthy stuff), we won’t like our life so like if that would happen, we wouldn’t even get health- we would definitely need that!! People must be breaking the rules because they might not like the rule or it could be wrong to them. They might not like the rule because their family does something extremely different. Their family must do something different because if they did everything the same, life would be very boring. No, you can’t follow all the rules because if they were inappropriate like:
    Try to eat stuff like a dog and remember to slurp your drinks, make sure you ignore that and change the rule to:
    Try to eat your lunch like a polite and decent person and drink your drinks properly and slowly. I think most of the rules are good for us because the school rules are very appropriate to me and I should follow the rules because if I broke any of the rules like:
    Always apologize to the person you have done something wrong, you have not apologized or done anything the right.
    I had a wonderful P4C!
    Thank You!!
    Zahra Kazmi 3B

  2. I really enjoyed the story because it might have told us to follow rules [ it is something to do with rules. Thank you for reading my comment.

  3. I thought the questions that we did were quite excellent because we really had to think about them.

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