What do we need to be happy?

Today in PSHE each group had a set of cards, and a circle. They had to place inside the circle the things they think you need to be happy. They were trying to find the smallest group of things someone has to have to be happy. The children had a wonderful discussion and were able to give reasons and opinions for their thinking. Each group had a different idea on what they need to be happy.



After making the choices, the children then had to select the most important aspect of what you need to be happy and the least. The children had their own ideas.


Here are some further questions, what do you think?

Could you be unhappy even if you had all these things? How could that be?
Which out of all of the things you need to be happy is the most important?
Do you need all these things all the time?
Do you think your parents would have the same list?
Do you think you have the same list you had a year ago?
Do you think the pictures made any difference to the ones you chose?
Do you have to be smiling to be happy?
Can you be happy for a whole day, or just for a minute at a time?

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