Year 6 Autumn maths problems!

After a week of hard work practicing our problem solving skills on Friday Miss Dunmore’s maths groups went outdoors to write and solve our own questions.

With the fresh fall of autumn leaves and conkers, the quiet area was the perfect place for inspiration!

Why don’t you try out some of the questions we wrote? Don’t forget to use RUCSAC to help you!

There were 93 conkers shells in one pile and I added another pile with 699 conkers shells in. How many conker shells do I have left?

If there are 4 conker pods and 14 people can fit in each one. how many people can fit in the conker pods altogether?

There are 8 legs on a spider. If there were 18 spiders but 3 leave how many are left?

There are 3 spiders on a web and 32 flies caught in the web. The spiders eat 2/4 of the flies, how many flies are left?

After we had swapped and answered the questions we gave each other some peer feedback about why we thought it was a good question but also how to improve them!







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