Junior at Mrs. Kirby’s

We finally left school after a busy day, but Mrs Kirby had to call at Sainsbury’s before we went home to her house.

I looked at the vegetables but Mrs Kirby said she had plenty, then it was to the chiller I fell in whilst getting the milk!! Brrrrr it was cold!

We finally got to Mrs Kirby’s where it was warm and dry. Mrs Kirby made dinner it was lasagna, then I had to help with the washing up!

While Mrs Kirby helped her children with their homework I played with their dog, Woody, he is lovely and soft and let me have a snuggle.

Before relaxing Mr Kirby let me have a go on his piano, I had a great time. Eventually I crashed on the settee for a short while before going to bed.

I had a super time at Mrs Kirby’s and hopefully I will be able to go again.


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