P4C in Y6G – Belonging


This afternoon in P4C, Mrs Graham’s class focussed their enquiry on a book called Belonging by Jeannie Baker. This is a story of the changes taking place in one street, throughout the life of one girl, and is told entirely in illustrations.

Our enquiry question: Will new life ever stop evolving?

Do you think new life will ever stop evolving? Please leave your comments below …


4 responses to “P4C in Y6G – Belonging

  1. I think that people will develope technology so whatever happens to the earth, there will always be one thing that brings back life. Also, nothing will ever stop evolving.

  2. I think that new life will never stop because technoligy is getting better and we are getting better at doing different things

  3. I think that new life will never stop evolving even when we die and the world ends it will soon come back to life.

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