Year 3 take on the Ten Pieces!!!!

We had a fabulous time at the cinema this morning!! Or should I say Winterhill CLC?! Either way, it certainly felt a lot like the cinema, the only thing missing was the popcorn!! We went along to watch the launch of the new Ten Pieces film, which showed us all about a brilliant new project run by the BBC!! The idea is to introduce 10 classical pieces of music into school, talk about them, compose similar pieces and create animations to go with them!! Did you know that without classical music films like Batman just wouldn’t sound the same?

What classical music do you know?







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  1. Jordan has told me all about the ten pieces and enjoys listening to the music. love to see all the pictures they’re fab !

    • It was great to watch all the animations and it made the children think hard about what their favourite programmes and films would be like with no music!!! Thank you for looking! Miss Brewin

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