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Something Else 


Something Else

In Y4/5G the children have been looking at the story Something Else, the character Something Else tries to be like others but he is different. No matter how hard he tries he doesn’t belong. The children generated their questions to discuss, here they are,

1. What made the author write a story on this theme?

2. Why did they call him something else?

3. Why judge someone just because they are different? 

4. Is it fair that people can be unkind?

5. Is it fair that if you are different you shouldn’t be aloud to join in?

6. Would you ever leave someone out just because they are different?

7. If someone is different to you, can they join in?

As a class the children voted to discuss question 3. We will let you know what the children thought about this issue as we are having our discussion today. Please comment if you feel you have an opinion on this question, or any of the others suggested above. As a class we will look at your comments over the week.


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  1. I agree with everybody’s comments on here, everyone is different and unique in their own special way! We all have different qualities, different aspirations and different talents! Yet we are all uniquely amazing! Especially Herringthorpe Learners who are nurtured to respect, care and treat each other equally! Love Mrs Roberts xx

  2. It is not nice to judge someone when there different because I’m a girl oh likes to dance and sing but like Megan she likes sport that does not mean I can judge her because I’m different like we’re like best friends DONT JUDGE ANY BODY

    Jessica Simpkins mum
    If you judge someone then it is really offensive and not nice

  3. You should never judge people on their appearance, colour or their views. We are all individuals, by judging someone but not getting to know them, you could miss out on making a new friend or learning something really interesting 😊

  4. Everyone is different and that’s good, because if everyone was the same it would be boring! It’s good to be different, but you should never judge people.

  5. Yes everyone is talented in their own way. We challenge our pupils to be outstanding and nurture them to be sports people, dancers, artists, musicians, scientists, writers, mathematicians or IT wizards. Whatever their strength we hope to build confidence and resilience to do their very best! Great to have parents contributing too -thank you.

  6. In our family we have always believed in celebrating everyone’s individuality and that everyone has something that they are talented at.
    At Megan’s old school some of the children found it difficult to understand her liking sports and not joining in with typical girlie pursuits. Its great that as she gets older its now cool to be really good at sports particularly with her athletics, cross country and football.

  7. I think that you shouldn’t judge someone because everyone is different
    like i’m sporty and some girls aren’t. if everybody was the same the world would be boring, like a world of cyber-men.

  8. Henry: It’s good to be different because if your friend says ‘oh i like playing with pinata’s’ and you hate playing that, you should just say ‘i dont like it but I’m happy that you enjoy it.’ You can be happy for someone even if they are very different to you.

    Henry’s Mum: I am different from some other parents because I have colourful hair and tattoos. I love to be different and stand out from the crowd. The way I look has never been a barrier for me. In fact, it’s an advantage as people remember me. I have a good job and work with people from all kinds of backgrounds. Though I tell Henry not to follow the crowd, I understand that at age 8, children want to be the same as their friends. I think we can all make judgements about people when we first meet them. What’s important is that we take the time to get to know and understand someone. Fat, thin, small, tall, old or young…..we are all FABULOUS! *jazz hands*

    • It’s great to see you continue to be a great philosophical thinker Henry! You were fantastic in Year 3, and it’s FABULOUS to see your Mum still getting involved. *jazz hands*

  9. In our school we are all different and we celebrate it – but our values are the same; respect, empathy, honesty and trust for each other’s beliefs. Well done all -very proud of you! Love Mrs Fearnley x

  10. It really helped me learn about people who aren’t really popular and it was an amazing lesson 🙂

  11. I know it isn’t okay to judge people how they look but discussing it has helped me know what the people that isn’t as popular as some people feel.

  12. I am Isams dad and i am very interested in p4c and i really like how isam is always talking about it

  13. You shouldn’t judge someone by there race, creed or sexuality. Everybody is created equal

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