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Thank you to all the parents and children for getting involved in our discussion, can you let us know what you think about the enquiry belong. Please use the language ‘I agree with …. ‘ ‘ I disagree with…..’
After another successful questioning session in P4C on the book Belonging, the children have come up with another wonderful question to get you thinking. The book is a series of pictures based on the changes that happen to a girl named Tracy. The book shows a view from her window from the day she was born into adulthood. We looked closely at the changes to the environment and landscape over time.

Here are our questions
1. Should we have parks and wildlife in our community?
2. What does the author mean by belonging?
3. Is the book based on the lifecycle of a human?
4. Should you help support your local area?
5. Why is the book called Belonging ?
6. What does it mean to belong to someone?
7. Would you want the world to change and why?

Our winning question was question 6, the children discussed initial thoughts before our enquiry. These were that we belong to our family as they provide warmth, shelter and food. Others believe that we don’t belong to anyone. What do you think? Please comment on your thoughts on question 6.

Here are our thoughts from today –


10 responses to “Belonging P4C in Y4/5G

  1. I agree with isam because you do belong to somone. But some people do not like to belong to people but some people like to belong to anybody.

  2. i think in this case the meaning of belonging is less a case of ownership but more of being a member of or a part of. Many of us are fortunate to belong to a loving family which is a place where we are valued and feel safe.

  3. Me and my Mum agree with Finlay and Polly that it’s nice to belong to a family. I agree with the children who said you don’t have to do what your parents tell you but my Mum disagrees and says children do have to do what what their parents tell them.

  4. I dont think you belong to some because you own your object can belong to you but a human is more intelligent then a object.

  5. i think everyone belongs to somebody because everyone at somestage has been born with there own family.

    • I disagree and agree Isabelle because that’s right but at some stage of your life you will have your own family so how do you belong to then?

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