P4C – Belonging Y6D

Year 6 did their P4C session based on the book ‘Belonging’.

We thought of these questions in our groups:

How did you feel as her life was changing?

How does your life grow?

Why does the environment get healthier not just in the book but in our life?

Did it show the life cycle of their lives?

Is a house a possession or a home and why?

We chose the final question to have our discussion about and would like to continue it on here and in our ‘philosophy for children’ book in school.





So what do you think?

Is a house a possession or a home and why?

6 responses to “P4C – Belonging Y6D

  1. Lauren and Alex your answers brought tears to my eyes – you are so right, we should treasure our families and value the love that builds our homes and our school – very proud of you.
    Love Mes Fearnley x

  2. What an amazing answer Alex! I agree I think if you put love and passion into anything you can say its yours. And also I think any where can be a home as long as you treasure it deep in your heart.

  3. I think a house is a home because I think it takes hands to build a house but only love can build a home. And thank you for the p4c lesson.

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