Do we belong in Rotherham?

We have been looking at the Belonging book by Jeannie Baker in P4C this week. A wonderful picture book, with no words at all, that tells the story of a little girl and her changing community.

Our question was – ‘Do we belong in Rotherham?’

What do you think? Please leave a comment below, parents too!!






20 responses to “Do we belong in Rotherham?

  1. I feel I belong in Rotherham and Brazil, because I was born in Brazil but now I live in Rotherham.

  2. In my point of view, my family and I belong to Rotherham because it’s where we live at the moment.

  3. Lilys mum: I think you belong where you’ve been born, i’ve lived in Sheffield and never really felt ‘At Home’, and i had family in the sheffield area. Rachaelx

  4. I am very proud of our school and have always worked in Rotherham schools, so I really feel like I belong here. I think we do need to impact on our ‘place’, no matter where it is in the world – that’s why we work so hard to improve our school and the grounds, or homes and gardens, so yes it is our job Miss Brewin.

  5. I loved Rotherham as a little girl I went to Herringthorpe School and loved it, I hope Evie feels the same even though the town has changed a lot I hope she feels that she belongs just as I did.

  6. i think i feel like belonging here in rotherham because i only had 2 friends in new york and now i hav lots and lots of friends
    from manos papadakis

  7. Well Miss Brewin I think that It depends on where you were born and I was born in Rotherham so I have the right’s of a Rotherham citizen and
    so do my parents.

    wrote by Drew and Poppy.

  8. I think I do belong in Rotherham because I was born there. Does anyone belong anywhere? Cleo Stacey

  9. When I first moved to Rotherham it was a very pleasant small town . For several years it has had mixed fortunes, but now once more seems to be becoming a pleasant and improving town. CEOs grandma

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