Rotherham Schools Christmas Event 2014!!

Our Young Voices choir kicked off Christmas in style on Friday as they beautifully sang in front of the crowds gathered at the indoor market. Although we didn’t win, we still enjoyed the Christmassy atmosphere and listening to the other great school choirs who took part. As well as singing, we visited RCAT College, where we took part in art and drama workshops, and even got a chance to dance on the stage!!

I would like to say a huge thank you to all the parents who gathered in the cold to watch us sing, especially those that popped back 2 hours later to watch the winner be announced by the Mayor!!

a href=””>20141130-154237-56557190.jpg20141130-154236-56556632.jpg


2 responses to “Rotherham Schools Christmas Event 2014!!

  1. Wow! looks like fun. Although you didn’t win I bet you tried your best. You were probably the best ones out there xx

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