P4C – Why the animals came to town!

Why the animals came to town!






The children in Y4/5G have really enjoyed reading the story – Why the animals came to Town. They have been working together in groups of four to create a series of questions to discuss in our P4C lesson. Here are the questions they came up with –


1. If you would like an animal to come to your house what animal would it be and why?

2. Why is the environment important to us and animals?

3. How could you stop the environment being polluted and how would you spread the word?

4. Why do people make a mess of the world?

5. Why did the animals choose the boy in the story?

6. Why do people eat animals? 

7. How would you feel if animals polluted the environment?


The question the children have decided to discuss is question 6 – why do we eat animals? This caused lots of discussion during voting I feel that the children will have some excellent thoughts on this question during tomorrow’s lesson.


21 responses to “P4C – Why the animals came to town!

  1. People eat animals because they cant eat anything else. They only eat dead animals though. People don’t go out in the woods hunting and killing animals. All the meat we eat is dead and cooked animals. Henry

  2. I think that killing animals is wrong and that you are destroying nature ,and eating them but i know that some people do it to get food but still you need to stop killing them and that animals are getting sent to zoo’s to be kept safe from poaching and posing.

  3. I think that killing animals are wrong because you will be eating things that were once living things and it is wrong but if we eat vegetables all the time we will get bored no offense to vegetarians.

  4. I think it is wrong to kill animals however we need meat to survive throgh life . But still I belive that if you kill a animal it still counts as a merder so thank you for reading this posed .

  5. I think its wrong to eat animals because we like eating meat but that dosn’t mean that we need to kill all the animals in the world.The reason why we souldent kill animals is because have you seen the adverts on the tv we are killing to many animals a day and it needs to STOP!


  6. Well the question is obvious, people need meat to survive but some places you need a licence so I myself would not kill an animal I would just buy meat from the butcher because it is freshly cooked/killed. There is no need to kill animals.

    Travis Twigg.

  7. I think it is obvious as well that people eat animals to survive but some vegetarians don’t like to kill the animals so they are nice and kind to all those animals that have die for us I LOVE GAMMON just saying pig your YUMMY

  8. Well the question is obvious:) People eat animals to survive. Some people become vegetarians and refuse to eat meat. However people eat animals so that they can live and if they didn’t eat they would die.

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