Y6G Literacy – Air Raid Procedure

In Mrs Graham’s Literacy group we’ve started a new genre of procedural/instructional writing.

We began this morning by using both our History learning and some drama, to act out the procedure to follow in the event of a WWII air raid. We looked at this procedure for various scenarios, such as: being at home, at school or out and about when the siren sounds.

An important task for Mrs Graham’s Group: What instructions or advice would you give to someone in one of these situations? Please leave you ideas as comments below to support our learning in class.

To Prepare:

At Home:


At School:

In Public:




10 responses to “Y6G Literacy – Air Raid Procedure

  1. In the street
    If you can’t make it to a shelter lay down to try and cause further danger by standing in the street

    • Sorry meant to say:
      If you can’t make it to a shelter lay down to reduce further harm instead of standing in the open

  2. In preparation for an air raid make sure you have everything you need ready such as gas masks tinned food etc

  3. In public
    in public if you cant make it back to your house you will have to go into someones doorway

  4. In school…
    I think the most important thing to do in an air raid whilst at school is stay calm, listen to instructions and stay as far away from windows as possible. It was loads of fun making these scenarios thank you very much Mrs Graham!!!!!!!!

  5. on the street ……..
    If out in public with no buildings around lay flat on the floor, if possible, close to a wall then hands on your head if you want say your prayers. your chance of survival in these conditions is around 10/100.

  6. In preparation for an air raid, pick an allocated air raid room or shelter. If in a house make sure the room is low down and has no windows. A cellar or basement is ideal.

  7. At Home…
    If you do not have an Anderson shelter,then I would advise you to stay at home on your lowest floor.Stay away from windows to prevent getting injured.Also make sure you have cover for your head and both of your sides you could do this by getting under a table and pulling chairs inwards.

  8. This was really fun thank you Mrs Graham, I think you should always keep calm and not panic in an air raid situation

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