Our Eden Camp Experience! By Mrs Graham’s Literacy Group


It’s finally here!

Since our visit last Tuesday, the children have been busy recounting their experience in Literacy. Here are some extracts from children’s writing in Mrs Graham’s Literacy Group:

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“On the 24th of February 2015, my birthday, Year Six set off on a journey to Eden Camp, to expand their knowledge of World War Two.”

Lauren Y6D

“Stepping off the coach, we got our first glance of the camp. Even from the car park, it looked incredibly authentic.”

Eve Y6G

“My friends and I could see the excitement in each other’s faces. Although we were split up into groups, we all admitted that we had an amazing time learning about World War II.”

Kiera Y6D

“Standing in my evacuee costume, excitement began to build up inside me. Before long, we set off to Hut 1, the first hut of the day…”

Tehya Y6G

image2 (1)

“As we stepped into the windy weather of North Yorkshire, we could see many models of different World War Two items, like RAF planes, Sea Tanks and lots more.”

Jay-Jay Y6D


“One hut detailed the rise of Adolf Hitler, while another put the children in the shoes of a POW (Prisoner of War).”

Wesley Y6G

“Personally, I found the U-Boat hut the scariest, as it had a red light flashing, indicating that it was sinking. The POW experience was traumatising, showing how mercilessly may Prisoners of War were treated.”

Musa Y6G

“Hut 10 was especially informative because it gave information on how the Germans treated English and Jewish people when they were captured.”

Emma Y6D


“My personal favourite was ‘The Blitz’ hut; this hut was about experiencing the most petrifying nights this country has ever encountered.”

Tafadzwa Y6G

“Overall the hut that had the most impact on me was ‘The Blitz Hut’ because there were collapsed houses and people lying dead in the street. You could hear the terrifying sounds of screaming and exploding bombs.”

Madison Y6D


4 responses to “Our Eden Camp Experience! By Mrs Graham’s Literacy Group

  1. We would like to thank all of our teachers for this amazing experience, we really enjoyed it.

  2. This is Musa. The POW hut was really gross. There was a manakin showing a POW with tropical diseases and was badly treated. WE COULD SEE HIS BONES!!!

  3. My favourite phrase is:
    Full with laughter and anticipation.
    Thank you to all teachers especially Miss Dunmore for being our group leader this was really intresting.

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