Y3B – What makes a good friend?

This week is friendship week and we began the morning by reading a wonderful story about two friends, Leroy and Rani. They live in a very happy place where friendship ‘tokens’ are given out freely, for lots of different things! However. These ‘tokens’ are not golden coins or tickets, they are simply actions or words that make the other person feel valued. We thought very hard about how we could give out friendship tokens to not only our secret friend this week, but to everyone we come across!

Then we looked at gingerbread with a difference!! Instead of ingredients like flours and butter, our gingerbread needed all the ingredients that we thought would make a very good friend!

What do you think makes a good friend?

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18 responses to “Y3B – What makes a good friend?

  1. Well done Y3B you are right! I think caring and sharing is really important when we think about the qualities of a good friend.
    Here are some top tips to help with your discussion.
    1. They are a good listener,
    2. They look after you when you are upset,
    3. You have shared interests with them
    4. They trust your opinion/listens to you
    5. They keep your secrets private
    6. They can tell when you are feeling down in the dumps and cheer you up!
    I think Miss Brewin has all these qualities as she is a very good friend!

    Mrs Greenwood

  2. A good friend is helpful.A good friend is caring and sharing is full of friendship.If people force true friend to not give any friendship tockens they will not listen.

  3. I think a good friend is somebody who is compassionate who also cares, shares and is kind!

  4. Well I think that friendship is important because you have
    to care and share.

  5. I think being compassionate means a really good friend because it means you help people and if they’re sad or hurt, you cheer them up and call a grown up to help the hurt child.

  6. Well i think a good friend is somebody who cares and shares and loves that person.

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