Year 3 French Video Call!


Year 3, at both Herringthorpe Junior and Roughwood Primary, had a wonderful opportunity today to share their French learning – by video call!

Mrs Graham visited Roughwood Primary as part of their Whole School Languages Day, teaching children from Mrs Pye’s Year 3/4 class. We were then able to contact our Year 3s at Herringthorpe, in Miss Towell’s class, to enjoy some French singing together!

What a wonderful experience everyone!

Here is a snapshot of our video call, apologies for Mrs Graham’s poor camera skills!

8 responses to “Year 3 French Video Call!

  1. That was fantastic I wish I was a bit more louder and that was Y3T thank you Mrs Graham because you have teaches lots of classes in freanch you are the best teacher for freanch 😄😍

  2. I think that what we do with other schools is really nice and that we should do it more often, it is great! hope Y6 do it soon!!!! Xx

  3. It is great that we are spreading our knowledge to other schools, and sharing all our wonderful french learning!
    Thanks to Mrs Graham for teaching us all this great French.

    • You are very welcome girls; it makes me so happy to see children across all of our schools inspired and excited by language learning.

  4. WOW what a brilliant idea this would be good if we did it in year 6 and try a bit of German, AMAZING recording skills there Mrs Graham.

  5. Boo hoo -I always miss the best things doing Head Teacher stuff (which is no where near as much fun as you are having!) well done all! X

  6. My class really enjoyed their video call with the year 3 and 4 children at Roughwood. A huge thank you to Madame Graham for organising this wonderful opportunity for us! Y3T love speking in French and were really enthusiastic about collaborating with other children.
    Apologies may also be needed for my video skills here but well done to all involved.

    Miss Towell x

  7. Mrs Graham you were right! A wonderful experience for collaborative learning. Well done children, Mrs Graham says we have a tough job to compete with the languages day at Roughwood Primary school. We better get thinking of some ideas for after Easter.
    Thank you Mrs Graham for letting us be part of the experience.

    Mrs Greenwood

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