P4C in Y4/5G

This week in Friendship week each class has been given a picture as a starting point for our inquiry. After looking at the picture the children generated a range of questions for us to discuss as you can see below.



All the children decided our question would be – Why do we respect certain people? Here are some thoughts from Y4/5G can you add some comments? What do you think?



4 responses to “P4C in Y4/5G

  1. Henry’s Mum says: In our family we try to respect everyone unless we are given a reason not to. We lose respect for someone when they do things like: throw rubbish out of their car window, swear, bully people or are cruel to animals. This week we had lots of respect for the people who did things to raise money for Comic Relief.

  2. I agree with Miss Brewin. She is right, many people respect certain people because of their qualities such as kindness or fame. I respect all of my friends opinions and who they are but sometimes I have different opinions to them. Many children or people do look up to people whom they think would be great role modes. Everyone deserve to have friends though,

  3. I believe that different people are respected in different ways. We might respect our family for different reasons than we respect our friends for example. Sometimes we have respect for people of power, such as the Queen, and sometimes we respect people with admirable qualities, who we look up to as role models. However, everyone deserves respect, no matter who they are!!

    Miss Brewin

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