VE Day 70th Anniversary Celebrations

70th Anniversary VE Day Celebrations

What a wonderful afternoon we have had celebrating the 70th anniversary of VE Day. Each class came out onto the playground waving their Union Jacks and sat in their class circles together. After readings from children explaining the VE Day event and some lovely poems written by the children themselves it was time to have a celebratory picnic together. Later on, after moving inside because of the threat of rain, our year 6 children sang the very famous song ‘We’ll meet again’ At 3pm our whole school observed a two minutes silence to remember the fallen who died in WW2.

Please view our celebrations video here

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  1. YAY!!! It was soooooooooo fun. Thank you all teachers for organising it and making it so successful (apart from it raining!) 😉

  2. Once again you have captured the essence of our school Mrs Roberts! Well done everyone, such a wonderful celebration of the end of a long and bitter war and beginning of peace in our land. Don’t forget that everyone has a part in making sure we keep peace, think twice before you say unkind words or hit out and our world will be a better place. X

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