Herringthorpe’s first ever Sleepover! 

The Year 5 children are having a Starlight sleepover tonight. Having the opportunity to stargaze and view the night sky through our new telescope, that projects into the hall. We are very excited and can’t wait to view the stars. 

5 responses to “Herringthorpe’s first ever Sleepover! 

  1. well I wish I was there well still got a long way I hope you all enjoyed I wish everyone was having a wonderful time I wish I could have that much fun when I am in year 5 if we have on am only in Y3T I bet it was as fun as yours

  2. WOW! I wish I was there it is a shame that it only started this year and I’m sure you all enjoyed it so… if any Y4’s read this good luck for you next year if they do it again!!!!! ;(

  3. Hi Year 5’S! Looks like you are having fun! Hope you sleep well tonight and no one snores too much xx

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