Year 6 Get Creative!


What a wonderful morning of creative learning we have had in Year 6!

In Science, we have been learning about forces and motion, and with the anniversary of D-Day coming up, we’ve been learning about the forces which act on parachutes as they fall through the sky…

To support this learning, we used our amazing art skills this morning to create huge landscapes for our very own animated parachute drop!

We cannot wait to share our finished animations with you!


13 responses to “Year 6 Get Creative!

  1. We have now already made our animation; it is epic!!!! It was fun and a little bit better because there wasn’t as many people in class. Now we’ve done sats I hope that we can do fun things like this more often. I wish I could of been there in the afternoon but I went to Wickersly. Thanks to everyone who helped come up with the idea, it was AWSOME!

  2. Wow – you clearly enjoyed your learning! We tried this out with trainee teachers and they were so impressed they have asked us to do it again! I think they enjoyed it as much as you – can’t wait to see your animations! Well done teachers X

  3. Today was really fun. It was nice with a smaller class and I really enjoyed it. I am really looking forward to doing our animations later on this week!

  4. what an creative morning we have had, i have really enjoyed doing this today and hope to do this more often xxx

  5. Year 6 those pieces of art work look incredible, they must have taken a huge amount of resilience to complete, especially as the paper size is so huge!!

  6. This activity was extremely fun. I enjoyed making our animations hopefully later on in the week we will finish making our own animation.
    Faariah xx

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