Mrs Graham’s Paratroopers!

This morning in Literacy, Mrs Graham’s group went back in time, to become D-Day Paratroopers!


We had to imagine what it would feel like to train for, and jump out of a plane, falling to the ground by parachute.

So … in order to get into role, we got our P.E kits on and entered ‘Paratrooper Training Camp’!

Well done to all of my amazing troops!

Mrs Graham

4 responses to “Mrs Graham’s Paratroopers!

  1. This lesson was extremely fun and enjoyable. Thank you mrs graham for this lesson. I’m sure everyone enjoyed this; I definitely did ! If it was real I wouldn’t enjoy it. It must have been difficult for the paratroopers
    Thank you

  2. Thank you Mrs Graham for the wonderful literacy/P.E lesson!I think everyone enjoyed I certainly did. It was so much fun it was probably the best literacy lesson and P.E in one lesson!

    Did you know that paratroopers during the war were dropped from a 200 foot tower when they were practicing and they didn’t like it,they had no option to back out of it because everyone had to take part in the war?The equipment used those days were not as safe like the equipment that we use and have today.
    Thanks again Mrs Graham

    From Sania

    P.S: I hope we do something like this again

  3. It was sooooo much fun!!!!! Thanks so much Mrs Graham. I’m sure that everyone in our literacy group thoroughly enjoyed it; I know I did!

    I know for a fact that during WW2 that the real training paratroopers probably weren’t excited and didn’t like it!!!!!!! Thanks again!

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