P4C Alone Y4/5G

In Y4/5G the children have been busy thinking of questions based on this video clip ‘Alone’ Alone please click the link to watch our video.

Here are the questions they decided upon –

1. How would you feel to be alone in space?

2. What are the good and bad things about being alone?

3. How would it feel to be the only person/alien on the planet?

4. How would you feel if your friend abandoned you? 

5. If you are on your own does it mean you are lonely?

6. When you are alone is it bad?

7, How does it feel to lose a friend?

8. How would it feel to be alone?

The question the class decided on was question 4. Here are some of the comments from the children –

Reuben “I would be upset but some people think that it is a good thing especially if they had done something to upset you”

Dylan “I would be really sad especially if it was someone who I had been friends with for a long time”

Nimra “I would be really sad but it might give me the opportunity to make new friends”

Kayley “Sometimes friends can drift apart or move schools that is just part of life”

Jessica “There might be a good reason why they abandoned you”

Lola “It depends on which friend it was”

Can you please continue our discussion and add what you think?

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  1. I think that it would be both okay and sad. If it was my best ever friend I would be sad because they would have been a brilliant friend. But if it was like someone I din’t like that much I would not be sad at all because I like doing other thing like writing stories and reading. I also like exceling at my work, maybe they would drag down my levels.

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